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Our daily shipping system delivers all international goods via an extensive network of 30 international lines to wherever you want them.  REXAD GmbH also handles the well-known and popular international export shipments to all Western and Eastern European countries.  You want to move to another country.  Our service takes care of all formalities from export from Germany to arrival in the country of destination.  This applies to rail, air and sea transport.  For this reason, our specialists in St. Augustine have many years of experience and the appropriate language skills.

Order all of our services on the REXAD GmbH website or by calling +49 22419325577. You can also upload your international download documents and barcodes to us via the interface.  We have a modern distribution network for fast and accurate collection, professional transport and timely delivery of your international shipments.
REXAD GmbH relies on an extensive fleet of first-class vehicles for direct shipments.  In addition to trucks and semi-trailers, this includes well-known mega-liners.  If it has to be done by sea or by air, our dispatchers will hire the right capacity immediately.  Our contacts allow us to ship international cargo within 24 hours.

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