Temperature-controlled transportation

As a digitally organized company, we offer all temperature-controlled transports in addition to traditional tracking and modern logistics.  REXAD refrigerated trucks have state-of-the-art features.
Our drivers and logistics partners transport delicate items such as ice cream and fresh fish as well as valuable medicines.  The delivery targets are in Germany as well as in Western and Eastern Europe.
Environmentally friendly vehicles and means of transport – from trains to planes to container ships – are our first choice.  In doing so, we concentrate on the world’s leading and well-known brands.
REXAD GmbH has temperature-controlled thermal transport units in which the items to be transported are kept fresh at all times between -25 and +25 degrees Celsius.  The corresponding documentation is absolutely protected against tampering.  This is ensured by calibrated GPS devices.  Season does not matter.
We perform temperature-controlled shipments for partial and large orders.  If it is a small order, we combine it with other customers’ orders on favorable terms.  Either way, it arrives at its destination chilled and on time.
Our experienced and knowledgeable staff, trained in refrigerated transport, will answer your questions at dispo@rexad.de or +49 22419325577.
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