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Do you want us to pick up your documents, papers and packages in the next ninety minutes?  Our express logistics is available to you at any time.  REXAD GmbH picks up every parcel and delivers it immediately, regardless of whether it is in Germany or in Western or Eastern Europe.  Together with our partners, our company maintains flexible delivery times.  You decide whether the parcel has to arrive at 10, 12 or 20 hours. Our customers receive low fixed prices.  Thus, no surprises are possible.  REXAD stands by its word.  We also guarantee a smooth transaction. Even before an order is placed, our dispatchers are available for excellent advice at or +49 22419325577.  You will be fully informed about all the services we offer.  Our customers get the best delivery methods. Our express logistics partners with long-distance and international experience also provide valuable services. You can follow your export goods on any part of the route via the Internet.  Would you like to change your route en route?  No problem!  We are open to all requests and will adapt our transport system to your wishes whenever possible.  We stand behind our tracking system. Our customers come from the commercial, professional and private sectors.  Corporations also trust our dispatchers, logistics partners and drivers and count on reliable express delivery. We stand for the highest possible quality when it comes to shipments of all types.  So you have all express delivery services from a single source. Driving and rest times don’t matter!  Once the express shipment is handed over to a rested and motivated driver, REXAD GmbH begins delivery on time.


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